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Journey through sound with a variety of e-learning courses designed for all abilities, to take you on an experience of exploring music education for the mind.


Music is a universal language, the language of emotions that unites human connection. Communication is key to our daily lived experience, yet the ability to develop sound communication skills is rare. Raj Academy fosters a welcoming environment of support, kindness and oneness through sound. Become part of the raj academy family and develop your skills in the art of communication through sound.

We are a family, a community of likeminded individuals who are on a journey together to better understand ourselves and each other. The language of moods, feelings and emotions is what helps us to support each other and become better human beings. Our dream is to create a world of consciousness and wellness through sound communication.
raj academy courses learn the yoga of sound playing the dilruba
Note: Not every course requires an instrument to get started.
raj academy for all ages child playing the dilruba

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Our expertly designed courses have been carefully developed to provide the best online learning experience possible. With weekly lessons, short assignments, frequent email communication and the support of our skilled online tutors you will be in the best possible hands to experience the online world of Sikh Music Learning.

Each course offers a unique learning experience and journey through Sikh Music learning. Select your pathway:


You will journey through our expert online learning program with dedicated monthly guidance from your learning tutor to support your musical development and experience of sound education. This a structured learning environment where the group progresses together.


These specialist courses are designed to support and enhance the independent learning experience. With vast online support from our dedicated team of teachers, weekly lessons and an academically structured online learning program. This learning model allows you to move at your own pace.


These programs are designed to foster a group learning environment with additional support from our expert teachers, where you can attend weekly classes in person at a nearby location.


If you’re new to the world of sound and want to have an experience without committing to a long term course, these courses are a great place to start exploring and get a clearer understanding as to how music supports our emotions and how it can help you.
Instrument: None
Duration: 5 hours

Introduction to Sikh Music

Music is a universal language fuelled by emotions and we believe that music is the key to mental and emotional betterment. Access your unique learning experience of Sikh Music, exploring how sound influences the psyche and emotions.
Instrument: None
Duration: 120 minutes

Stress, Sound, & Success

Resetting how our body responds to stress can be one of the biggest steps we can take towards stress relief and not feel drained by a huge weight holding you back from accomplishing the very things you really want.


If you’re ready to go on a more intensive journey of self discovery and emotional education through the techniques of ancient Sikh Raag Music, we have a variety of academically structured learning pathways to support and aid your personal development.

PLEASE NOTE: For intermediate level training, no previous musical knowledge or background is necessary.
Instrument: Dilruba
Duration: 3 years

Sikh Music Training

With Sikh Music Training you can learn to sing and play ancient Indian music in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. The course provides learning materials through elearning combined with regular personal support from...
Instrument: Dilruba
Duration: 3 years

Naad Yoga Teacher Training

Do you want to connect with your soul? Hear the voice of your mind? Sing your own song as the composer of your life? Naad Yoga Teacher Training is our most comprehensive course. It covers vocal training, listening skills, meditation...
Instrument: None
Duration: 1 year
Level 1

Sound Therapist - Level 1

Using the techniques and practices of ancient Indian Naad Yoga, discover the power of sound (Naad), map the dynamics of your expression and experience your inner Naad. This is a practitioner-focused programme.


These courses are designed for advanced learners who have completed the intermediate level of their study and are ready to delve deeper into a more intensive learning process of sound.

To further develop and enhance your experience in the world of sound, the journey of learning is never over.
Instrument: None
Duration: 1 year
Level 2

Sikh Music Training - Level 2

Level Two - Living Life Nanak’s Way Advanced Musicology: Understanding the practical purpose of each raag. Advanced Composition: Sing the sound of your soul to call the Creator
Instrument: None
Duration: 1 year
Level 2

Naad Yoga Teacher Training - Level 2

Level Two - Living Life Nanak’s Way Advanced Musicology: Understanding the practical purpose of each raag Advanced Composition: Sing the sound of your soul to call the Creator Performance Aesthetics:Understanding the depths of ornamentation
Introduction to Sikh Music

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This course is designed to offer a glimpse into the vast world of Sikh Music and is a great place to start your journey of Sikh Music. In 5 simple steps you can access a taste of the online learning experience as you learn more about the influence of sound on the emotions and psyche.
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