Music to heal the mind

Take your mind, body and soul on a journey of self-discovery through the world of sound.

We are all born to achieve greatness. My dream is to help every human master their emotions and compose their mind to reach their highest potential.

Raj Academy Conservatoire is the largest institution worldwide delivering quality education and training to empower all individuals to become emotionally intelligent through the ancient techniques of Sikh music to transform the mind and heal the world.

We are using the ancient techniques of Sikh Music to elevate every human being through sound, so that you are in harmony with yourself and the world.
The Science of Sound and it's effects on the mind

The Science of Sound

This connection to sound is inexplicable. Unfold the secrets of sound and discover the measured process of healing and mental empowerment of Sikh Raag Music and its precise effects on the mind.

Women playing the Dilruba with her family

Master your emotions

Explore how the dimensions of Shrutti (emotion), Raag (mood), Shabad (sacred wisdom) and Saaj (Sikh musical instruments) come together to evoke inner synergy and emotional mastery.
* you do not need to have an instrument in order to start the learning process


If you’re new to the world of sound and want to have an experience without committing to a long term course, these courses are a great place to start exploring and get a clearer understanding as to how music supports our emotions and how it can help you.
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If you’re ready to go on a more intensive journey of self discovery and emotional education through the techniques of ancient Sikh Raag Music, we have a variety of academically structured learning pathways to support and aid your personal development.
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These courses are designed for advanced learners who have completed the intermediate level of their study and are ready to delve deeper into a more intensive learning process of sound. To further develop and enhance your experience in the world of sound, the journey of learning is never over.
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These programs are designed to foster a group learning environment with additional support from our expert teachers, where you can attend weekly classes in person at a nearby location
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This course is designed to offer a glimpse into the vast world of Sikh Music and is a great place to start your journey of Sikh Music. In 5 simple steps you can access a taste of the online learning experience as you learn more about the influence of sound on the emotions and psyche.
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Tools for Transformation

Reconnecting and providing education on the precise rules of sound and the effects on the human psyche through the practice of ancient Sikh-string instruments.
Student of raj academy playing the Taus instrument


Unfold the secrets of sound and discover the measured process of healing and mental empowerment of Sikh Raag Music and its precise effects on the mind.

Sikh Musical Heritage - The untold Story documentary

Sikh Musical Heritage – The Untold Story

A groundbreaking, multi-award winning documentary that unveils the forgotten tale of Sikh Music, taking you on a journey through Sikh history from the birth, demise and to the revival of Sikh Music.
The Revival Project documentary

The Revival Project

The first online archive of Sikh Music, by the people for the people. A space to amplify individual stories of real individuals who have dedicated their lives to the practice and revival of Sikh Music in their everyday life, by becoming the change.