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Music for Innertainment

From the classical symphonies of Beethoven to the pop tunes of Lady Gaga, music in today's society is used primarily for our entertainment. There is another dimension of music - one that aspires to a higher purpose of innertainment - an art and science to singing, playing, and listening music that is unknown to many of us today.

The music of innertainment is a means to compose a beautiful life so that we can live to our maximum potential. It serves the purpose of uniting us to the fundamental aspects of our existence. In the music of innertainment, rhythms heal our body, melodies enlighten our mind and vibrations strengthen our spirit.

The music from ancient Indian offers a path to learn and master the art of life. Through a system of raags, the music from ancient India gives us an ability to compose our emotions that arise from the ups and downs we all experience. By learning to compose our emotions, we master the art to compose our life as well.

The timeless wisdom to learn the delicate art of composing life is inscribed in the sacred scripture Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The knowledge is arranged into a musical framework of 60 individual raags, where each raag personifies a distinct emotion that every human experiences in their journey of life.

Raj Academy’s mission is to share the timeless wisdom given to mankind through the discipline known as "Gurmat Sangeet", “Gurbani Kirtan” or "Naad Yoga". It is our legacy to revive the music of innertainment and inspire all to live a beautiful, composed life. By encouraging the practice of Gurmat Sangeet and Naad Yoga in our daily life, we aspire to heal and awaken the highest potential in every human being.

Raj Academy is the one of the finest institutions to offer quality education and training at grass-roots level in Gurmat Sangeet and Naad Yoga worldwide. We offer workshops, academic study, outreach courses, and teacher training opportunities to learn the art and science of sacred music for holistic healing and spiritual growth.

Join us and become part of a new generation of awakened teachers, yogis, and healers serving the entire humanity for a better future.

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