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Taus - From the Heart of Guru Gobind Singh

The Taus is the blessing of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. As a master of the Persian language he named this glorious instrument 'Taus', which is Persian for ‘peacock’. The instrument was designed and played by the great Guru himself to guide us by example.

The sound of the Taus is wonderfully melodious, taking you to a complete heavenly state where you can feel the warmth of the universe.

The Taus is played with a bow and is handcrafted from one piece of high-quality wood (tun wood). The crafting of this graceful instrument requires vast skill, dedication and effort.

Technical specification of Taus:

  1. Wood: Indian tun (similar to red cedar)
  2. Strings: metal
  3. Skin: goat skin
  4. Bridge: traditionally made of ivory or bone, now it is more commonly made of rosewood.

You can learn the Taus with us!

a Taus and bow