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Course Description

Open to me, so that I may open.
Provide me with your inspiration
So that I might see mine.

Naad Yoga Teacher Training is aimed at people who wish to be active in the field of Naad (sound) by experiencing and sharing the teachings; it is an intense programme of study whereby the student is trained to accomplish:

  • vocal and instrumental musical technique
  • a deep understanding of musicology, its purpose and application
  • healing, diagnostics and therapy with Naad
  • solo-standard musical performances
  • meditation exercises through Naad.

Prospective students are not required to have any background in yoga or music; previous experience of a yogic practice or musical knowledge may be beneficial but is not mandatory.

A Journey to the Sacred Power of Shabad Guru

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

Within sound, the seed of everything is carried. The whole creation is said to have poured out as the expression of the Creator. The Bible holds the Word equal to God, and Guru Nanak holds the Name of the Creator as the highest treasure. Ancient sacred scriptures pass down that listening and speaking are the most comprehensive and powerful of our faculties, corresponding to the fifth element of ether, which contains all other elements. The sense of listening is the first to appear and the last to disappear within the cycle of birth and death.

Our destiny and wellbeing are strongly affected by our ability to communicate both with each other and inwards with our emotional reality, and through that to reach our soul’s connection to the Undying Unknown. Naad Yoga leads you to the essence of communication. It brings you understanding beyond intellect and obedience to the higher self, creating an abundance of beauty in your experience of life and healing the wounds of misunderstandings. The teacher to enable this in our training is Shabad Guru: the sounds of reality's wisdom, expressed musically in poetic verses (shabads) as instructed by Guru Nanak and his successors in the written record of Siri Guru Granth Sahib.


This training is designed to guide yogis and healers to the power of sound. Within the timespan of the course:

  • you will experience Naad, the eternal sound current of creation;
  • you will develop your voice as an expression of truth and beauty and learn to use it as a holistic remedy for yourself and others;
  • you will have the chance to gain skills in playing a sacred instrument;
  • you will be able to teach Naad Yoga to others;
  • you will learn to compose and perform your own music for higher purposes;
  • you will understand the art and science of raags in theory and application, to explore the composition of the mind and the nature of moods and emotions;
  • you will learn to apply your experience and wisdom of Naad to heal and elevate your patients, students, friends and enemies, as well as yourself;
  • you will find the guidance of life within Shabad Guru and find Shabad Guru in everything.

  1. You speak and understand basic English.
  2. Listening and singing are the main pillars of Naad Yoga.
  3. Musical instruments are used mainly as supporting tools for the vocal learning process. Even if you intend to learn only singing, we recommend that you acquire one of the following sacred instruments: Rabab, Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Taus or Tanpura.
  4. You have access to a computer or alternative device with the ability to view DVD videos.
  5. You make a commitment to share and teach all you have learnt from this training with at least three people in your lifetime.
  6. For each active year of study, you make a commitment to plant and care for at least one tree (this will be in support of our ongoing tree project).