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Course Dates

Naad Yoga Teacher Training is currently available in the UK, Germany, Spain, Gran Canaria and France, and planned for USA and Canada. If you are interested in enrolling, you can register here or please email naadyoga[at]rajacademy.com for more info or to find out when the course will next begin in your country (if not stated below). 

Start Dates

UK: London 28 October 2017 (quarterly course structure)
Germany: Karlsruhe
7 October 2017 (quarterly course structure)
Germany: Weimar
27 October 2017 (quarterly course structure)
Spain: Barcelona
16 September 2017 (monthly course structure)
Spain: Madrid 7 October 2017 (monthly course structure)
Gran Canaria 11 November 2017 (monthly course structure)

Please visit the Naad Yoga Council website here for information about the teachers in each location.