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Naad Yoga Diploma

A New Approach to a Composed Life

The Naad Yoga Diploma course is designed to unfold the sacred art of Naad Yoga for personal development through a combination of individual learning and tutor guidance.

The Old Method of Learning

Traditional approaches to learning Naad Yoga depend on certain preconditions: a qualified teacher must be available, and moreover the student must trust the teacher’s methodology. Often a qualified teacher is simply not accessible in the local area or is out of base more than at home.

When they do find a teacher, students may travel long distances to seek knowledge, dedicating between five and seven years to their training. In addition, many people have to make personal sacrifices in their academic education, family life or work to pursue their passion for Naad Yoga. This archaic method of learning is simply not feasible for many students.

A New Approach to Learning

The Naad Yoga Diploma revolutionises Naad Yoga education by bringing knowledge, resources and qualified teachers directly to your home thanks to the power of technology. Digital media and online communications enhance the student’s independent learning experience anywhere in the world.

Everyone can now learn Naad Yoga with string instruments from highly qualified teachers, teachers who are accessible, believe in education and genuinely care about their students. Personal sacrifices or long-distance drives are no longer necessary to pursue your passion.