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Our New Head of School

Principal Ranbir Singh is a world-renowned musician and an expert in Sikh music. He has dedicated his life to reviving the art of Sikh music. Ranbir is the first in his field to bring Taus and Dilruba to an international stage. Through his skilful playing style, Ranbir Singh has given the Taus and Dilruba the prominence they truly deserve. He is the only professional Taus player in the world who has had such an impact in bringing forth these instruments.

Alongside his individual acclaim, Principal Ranbir Singh has worked with Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh and Raj Academy since early 2000 to expand the field of Sikh music. Ranbir Singh has not only brought Sikh instruments on to the world stage, but also continues to inspire and educate people to pass the torch of revival to the next generation.

Principal Ranbir Singh is at the forefront of reviving the musical tradition of Guru Nanak’s court and preserving this art for the future.

Taking this step forward we are all honoured and privileged to have Ranbir Singh in the Raj Academy team. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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