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Amazing Grace - Five Talks by the Yogi of Sound

Yogi Prof. Surinder Singh sitting with Saranda, smiling with hand outstretched - golden background with geometric design

'Amazing Grace' is the title of a series of talks with one of the last masters of Naad Yoga, Prof. Surinder Singh. They offer a unique opportunity to explore deep wisdom from ancient India, the mysteries of sound which have been closely guarded and passed on from teacher to student. These ancient teachings about the power of sound, its emotional alchemy and its use in healing, meditation and personal development are highly relevant today.

Living in a highly technological world, we struggle with isolation, uncertainty, information overload and emotional imbalance, and many suffer from stress and mental health conditions. Naad Yoga offers techniques and teachings to help us reconnect with ourselves, create a balance between mind and soul and develop our ability to communicate, both with ourselves and with the outside world.

Monday 21st January 2019: Sex and Spirituality
Tuesday 22nd January: Anger and Spiritual Warrior
Wednesday 23rd January: Money, Mind and Mantra
Thursday 24th January: Attachment and Sound Alchemy
Friday 25th January: Ego and Enlightenment

The talks will be held in English with German translation.

Time: 20.00 - 21.00

Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim
Jungbuschstraße 18
68159 Mannheim

Price per talk: €20/ €15 (concession)

All talks: €80/ €60 (concession)

Early Bird prices: for bookings until 24.12.2018:

Price per talk: €16/ €12 (concession)

All talks: €64/ €48 (concession)

Book via Eventbrite.

For more information please contact Niranjan Kaur: niranjan(at)rajacademy.com.

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