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Gurmat Sangeet Outreach LITE (GSO Lite)

If you are not ready to sign up to a three-year course or are not sure you will be able to commit your time fully...
Try our 'pay-as-you-go' option! 
This enables you to start learning without any pressure.

With GSO LITE, you can take the GSO course paying for one grade at a time, with up to six months allowed for each grade.

What you are offered:
    1. Induction and Assessment
      • You are given an induction into the course to help you begin learning online. You then receive your learning materials for one grade. You are also given an assessment at the end of the grade.
    2. Monthly Skype Support 
      • You are offered a monthly Skype session. This session is held by one of our tutors who answers all your questions and gives extra guidance to help in your learning.
    3. Assigned Tutor
      • You are assigned a personal tutor who is there to support you on your journey of learning Gurmat Sangeet.
    4. Access to your learning materials for 6 months
      • You are given 24/7 access to your lessons and assignments. 
    5. Feedback to Help You Progress
      • You receive feedback for all assignments submitted.
The full Gurmat Sangeet Outreach (GSO) course consists of eight grades. To learn more about how the course works, click here or try the free Introduction to Sikh Music course to get a feel for our WebSchool.

1. You need to have an instrument to start.
2. If you want to join at a higher grade than Grade 1, you will need to have passed the previous grade(s).


GSO lite is available for individuals to learn a single grade of our GSO course over a six-month period. There are two options: to make one complete payment at registration (better value), or to pay in three installments at the beginning of each of the first three months.

United States:
One-time payment: $700 (USD) per grade
3-month plan: three installments of $240 (USD)

One-time payment: $930 (CAD) per grade
3-month plan: three installments of $320 (CAD)

One-time payment: €660 per grade
3-month plan: three instalments of €230

One-time payment: £565 per grade
3-month plan: three instalments of £195

Please note: for all international students residing outside the United States, Canada or Europe, payments must be set up in the United Kingdom currency (GBP).